Pilairus Elementum

Odin saw it coming
Asgard is in space

The party collected more heroes as the end of the world group and those that are time lost found themselves in the court of the scared lands gods. The party traveled to Asgard to face the hulks only to be launched into space. space? yes space. folks we are now spelljamming.

Catching up
The march twards the end continues

The crafts men and metal were being gathered to unmake all artifacts and magical items

The party encountered Red, an immortal created during the death of twin gods of the sun and mood from a time long forgotten. Red was good but has devolved in to a nihilist.

The hurled themselves back in time creating a world ending paradox in order to collect heroes from across time for the final battle. this rapidly accelerated the coming of the end but the uncontrolled destruction was not what the enemy had in mind. The chaos unsealed was nothing short of Leviathan.

The great escape
Every action has an opposite reaction... not always equal though

The party is reunited again only to watch Nith and Oso get carried off to jail. The party meets Dark rain and decides that physical confrontation is a bad idea. Nith tests his containment to find that the guards are without humor and considers destroying the whole place. Oso laments his condition but general agrees that he has been a bad dog. Teleportation seems to be the best jail break idea and Dezzaree gathers the dysfunctional friends back together again. after a quick trip to Elysium to get their bearings and chat with The great Mother Bear about what they are supposed to be doing they journey back to Rigor for some shopping and to talk to an Efreeti. The day ended with the party finding the clues they need to track down some missing shipments and crafts men that could have something to do with this whole end of the world thing. Who is gobbling up crafts men? What do they need all this metal for? The party will find answers and bigger question through the gate to Acheron

The Reality curtain
never separate the party

Everyone passed through the closing reality curtain and was scattered across the planes. Most made it to the out lands while others landed in Celestia. Vamick and Javvin found each other and a devil dragging little kids across the out-lands. with their magic suppressed they could do little against the fiend except grab the kids and run. Dezerre and Sage found each other as well as a strange frog like creature that apparently wasn’t very observant considering he almost stepped on Sage who took great advantage of his distraction and help him find god by releasing his soul from his mortal coil. The new addition Nith found his way to the City of Riger and a new friend Oso. They were accosted by gruff city guards over a local law that all visitors must wear slate badges indicating visitor status. The ensuing fight ended badly for the guards and had far lasting repercussions. The rest of the party gathered on their trek away from the spire and the girls helped with calming the children. One of the children had been decapitated by the devil as they fled and the kids were understandably distraught. The majority of the party, minus Nith, came upon a High mesa housing the grand Library of Baccob. Baccobs Realm Sage passed the guardians and entered the library. Sage asked a question of the god and it was answered. Sadly when she got back to the rest of the party she only remembered asking the question and that it was answered. She feels that it will come to her when the information is important although she can’t recall what even the question was. They stumbled along into a giant forest hoping for a more fertile area to subsist on considering most of their rings of sustenance had been destroyed in the passing through the reality curtain. They found that the forest was abundant with food but also that all four seasons existed simultaneously. They came across an old man who reveled himself to be Obad-Hai.
Obad Hais Realm He offered to keep the children safe and send the adventurers to the closest city. The adventurers arrived just outside the bar that Nith and Oso had taken up residence in and that concluded this gaming session.

The Crystal Temple
The End
  1. Those who stand apart negotiated with pandorym to stay his hand until the unmaking.
  2. They brought the stones to the Crystal Temple at the center of the Crystal Sphere to complete the great ceremony.
  3. Discovered the loss of Hell the uncaring had long ranging consequences in that the ceremony calls for that creature to be present.
  4. Recalled that a part of him is trapped with in a chest on the Disk and wished it to appear before them.
  5. The ceremony of ending change is started and the elemental children place their icons among the pedestals and watch Dezzeree die.
  6. The ceremony is completed with the telling of their story by Vamick and the weaving of all magic by by Trill
  7. The material plane is protected and the Ronin gods move in.
  8. Nathen walks forever into the Void
  9. Trill passes with the others into the outer planes then goes his own way searching for his teacher Cutter and a way to save the boy from the ministrations of Satans torturers
  10. Sage walked her sprite quest with the help of her friends and the magical help of the Chayche.
  11. Dezzeree helped her friends ready themselves and looked forward to the next step in their journey.
  12. Vamick spent most of his time with his father musing on the disconnection that will be inevitable when he passes beyond the reality curtain.
  13. Onion Takes his massive horde of wealth accrued by the generosity of his new friends and retires in the safety of Byzantar as a consultant for lock smiths and trap makers.
  14. Javvin meditates on his loss of self and requests of the Chaych that they help find a way to fix him.

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