Pilairus Elementum

The Crystal Temple

The End

  1. Those who stand apart negotiated with pandorym to stay his hand until the unmaking.
  2. They brought the stones to the Crystal Temple at the center of the Crystal Sphere to complete the great ceremony.
  3. Discovered the loss of Hell the uncaring had long ranging consequences in that the ceremony calls for that creature to be present.
  4. Recalled that a part of him is trapped with in a chest on the Disk and wished it to appear before them.
  5. The ceremony of ending change is started and the elemental children place their icons among the pedestals and watch Dezzeree die.
  6. The ceremony is completed with the telling of their story by Vamick and the weaving of all magic by by Trill
  7. The material plane is protected and the Ronin gods move in.
  8. Nathen walks forever into the Void
  9. Trill passes with the others into the outer planes then goes his own way searching for his teacher Cutter and a way to save the boy from the ministrations of Satans torturers
  10. Sage walked her sprite quest with the help of her friends and the magical help of the Chayche.
  11. Dezzeree helped her friends ready themselves and looked forward to the next step in their journey.
  12. Vamick spent most of his time with his father musing on the disconnection that will be inevitable when he passes beyond the reality curtain.
  13. Onion Takes his massive horde of wealth accrued by the generosity of his new friends and retires in the safety of Byzantar as a consultant for lock smiths and trap makers.
  14. Javvin meditates on his loss of self and requests of the Chaych that they help find a way to fix him.


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