Pilairus Elementum

The great escape

Every action has an opposite reaction... not always equal though

The party is reunited again only to watch Nith and Oso get carried off to jail. The party meets Dark rain and decides that physical confrontation is a bad idea. Nith tests his containment to find that the guards are without humor and considers destroying the whole place. Oso laments his condition but general agrees that he has been a bad dog. Teleportation seems to be the best jail break idea and Dezzaree gathers the dysfunctional friends back together again. after a quick trip to Elysium to get their bearings and chat with The great Mother Bear about what they are supposed to be doing they journey back to Rigor for some shopping and to talk to an Efreeti. The day ended with the party finding the clues they need to track down some missing shipments and crafts men that could have something to do with this whole end of the world thing. Who is gobbling up crafts men? What do they need all this metal for? The party will find answers and bigger question through the gate to Acheron


Lost_Adonis Lost_Adonis

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