Monk of Akadia who was released from stone in the grand temple of air that was taken over by Medusa and a maralith.


Javvin AC 38 Fort 16 Reflex 19 Will 23 HP 184

Good all around monk very versital so not great at anything, specializes in killing mages. I need to give him more opportunity to do that… and i need to come up with some over the top reward for all that bloody back story!


Javvin Stormfist Cirrus

This is a retelling of the story of Javvin’s parents and how they came to be a couple…..

Javvin is the 5th born son of Galus and Habrux Cirrus. The Cirrus family has a unique family tradition. In the Cirrus family the youngest child dedicates his or her life in the service Akadi. That duty has fallen on Javvin. This duty is not an unhappy one for Javvin. He can think of no happier life than to serve as a monk of Akadi.

Galus Stormwalker Cirrus is the 3rd born son of Archduke Belvin of Calimshan. Habrux Ironfist-Cirrus is first born son of Brazul Ironfist the Archduke’s weapon smith.

Galus and Habrux were born in the same year. They spent a great deal of time together growing up, playing and running the grounds of the Cirrus estate. As children, there was no separation between noble and common and the boys developed a strong bond.

The bond between Galus and Habrux grew stronger over the years. By the time the 2 boys were eleven, they were rarely seen apart. Galus spent more time with Habrux than he did with any of his 5 other siblings. The boys spent all of their free time together, hunting, fishing or roughhousing on the grounds of the estate. When Habrux had chores, Galus followed along behind and helped. When Galus and his brothers and sisters took lessons, Habrux sat in the back of the classroom, as quiet as a light breeze. In weapons training the 2 lads excelled and easily bested all of their other classmates, even Galus’ older brothers, Ravim and Castur. The weaponsmaster attributed their skill to their enthusiasm and constant practice, even in their free time. Habrux spent as many nights a week sleeping in Galus’ apartments as he did sleeping in his small room above his father’s smithy.

As the boys grew older, Belvin, the Archduke, began to have concerns about the closeness between them. It was one thing for children to play together, but a commoner must know his or her place around nobles and a noble must not let a commoner cross the lines of his or her station. Belvin was a busy man, but a good one. He loved his children deeply. He wanted each to have a good future.

One summer morning, in the boys’ 13th year, Belvin went to speak to Galus about setting the proper boundaries with Habrux. He went to his son’s apartments so that they could speak privately and the boy would not feel he was being chastised publicly. As he opened the door, he knocked once out of courtesy. Finding the outer rooms empty, he moved to the door of Galus’ bed chamber. As he opened the door, he called his son’s name, but received no response. When the door was fully open, Belvin saw a sight for which he was not prepared. Galus and Habrux were lying naked in Galus’ bed, arms and legs intertwined.

Belvin was enraged by the scene before him. Fearing the worst, Belvin grabbed an empty sword scabbard and began beating on the boys. Galus and Habrux awakened to sharp blows and shouts of “Defiler!” and “No son of mine!” The two boys were dazed and confused. Reacting mainly to the painful beating they received, they both jumped out of the bed and scurried to the far side of the room.

Belvin made his way around the bed, still shouting. “Galus, what have you done?” As he raised the scabbard again, Habrux stepped in front of Galus protectively. “My lord, why do strike us so?” Habrux asked.

Habrux’ action only served to as fuel for Belvin’s rage. “You impudent whelp! You would defile my son under my very own roof and then block my path to my own child? With my bare hands I will slay you!” He dropped the scabbard and stepped menacingly closer.

At that moment, Galus saw a rage he had never seen in his father before. He swiftly pulled Habrux out of his father’s reach and stepped in between his father and his friend. “Father, what are you talking about? Why are you so angry?” The boy asked earnestly. Habrux spoke from behind his friend. “Your grace, how could I defile Galus? We are both males!” He cried naively.

At this point, Belvin realized the boys were too innocent to know that the acts he had accused them of existed, and could not have committed them. He took a step back and gathered his composure. He looked at the boys who were still keeping their distance from him. Galus was still standing protectively in front of Habrux. Belvin spoke again, in much calmer tones. “You lads are no longer children. You each have your own beds and you should be sleeping in them and wearing the proper night clothes.”

Galus spoke first. “Father, Habrux and I were planning to go hunting right after breakfast, so he slept here so we could get an earlier start. It was so hot last night that we were more comfortable without bed clothes.”

Habrux chimed in. “Truly your grace, we meant no offense. We have seen each other naked a great deal, going swimming in the pond at the north end of the estate. We honestly did not see any harm.”

“That’s all well and good boys, but there will be no hunting trip today. Both of you get dressed. Habrux, you head on home. Galus is going to be busy today.” A much calmer Belvin replied. He turned to walk out of the room. “Galus, come to my chambers after you’ve had breakfast.” He said as walked out of the room.

Both boys knew better than to object. The Archduke had spoken. “I’ve never seen your father so angry. What made him so mad?” Habrux asked as he got dressed. “I honestly don’t know.” Galus replied.

Over the next couple of weeks Galus and Habrux found they had less and less time to see each other. Habrux was given extra chores that always seem to keep him busy at the same time as Galus’ classes. Even in weapons training they had no time together, because the weapons master split them up. Galus was assigned to spar with Ravim and Habrux was now sparring with Castur.

Neither teen suspected the changes in their schedules were any more than coincidence, until the day Habrux’ father Brazul announced that his son was to be fostered at the estate of the Archduke’s brother. Fostering was rare at the estate. Galus knew that no one could be fostered without his father’s approval.

Galus went to his father to ask why he had approved the fostering of his closest friend. The Archduke sat his son down for a long lecture on the importance of nobles and commoners knowing their places. He told his son that distance would make it easier for him to put things into the proper perspective. He did not tell Galus of the love he had in his son’s eyes for the commoner lad. He knew that the love his son felt would grow if not put in check. Judging from the way Habrux had attempted to protect Galus, by standing up to the master of the entire estate, Belvin could only assume that Galus’ feelings were reciprocated.

After Habrux had left, Galus moped around the estate. While he dutifully attended to his classes and his other responsibilities it was weeks before he smiled and months before he laughed.

Galus felt like half of his soul was missing. He felt that way everyday that Habrux was gone. He learned to live with loss, but the happy, outgoing person he had been was gone.

Galus never lost his status as the best pupil in weapons training. He relished the classes. Sparring became an outlet for the pain and anger he felt at the loss of his friend. Soon only the weaponsmaster sparred with him. No one else could take the punishment.

One late summer day, 4 months after Galus’ 15th birthday, Habrux returned to the estate. No one was expecting his return. He just rode in on horseback one day. His sudden appearance caused a quite a bit of stir. His mother, Lizah, wept tears of joy as she watched her husband shake the hand of this handsome young man who had her little boy’s face. She stepped to him and hugged him, pressing her wet cheek to his.

The news of Habrux’ return spread quickly around the estate. Galus was in weapons training when the news reach him. He asked his younger brother, Toffan to put a way his sword and gear. Then he ran to the courtyard to look for Habrux.

When Galus reached the courtyard, he spied Habrux on the other side talking to his parents. Habrux had his back to Galus. As Galus raced across the yard he called Habrux’ name. When Habrux turned around, Galus saw his face. Galus felt like he had been standing in a dark room and someone had just uncovered the sun. It felt like the first light he had seen in two years.

Galus rushed to his friend’s side and hugged him, a hug for a long lost brother. As Galus was hugging Habrux, he felt Habrux’ body stiffen under his embrace. As Galus released the hug, Habrux took a step back and extended his hand for a gentlemanly handshake.

“I thank you my lord for the warmth of your greeting.” He said stiffly. “However I would hate to have your enthusiasm misinterpreted. I have only just returned and I would like to see my parents before I am sent away again.” Habrux added with a tinge of bitterness.

Then it was Galus who stepped back, feeling chastised.

This set the pattern of interaction between Galus and Habrux for the next 3 months. Both young men burned to be near each other. Galus was held back by guilt and shame. He blamed himself for his friend’s 2 year exile.

Habrux was held back by fear. He had no desire to be sent away again. Now that he had reached the age of majority, 15, he could not be fostered. This time he would be cast out and possibly forbidden to return.

Each man was plagued with dreams, dreams of entangled bodies. In the dreams, the bodies would writhe, gyrate and thrust. The two bodies, both male, would appear to merge into one bright living spirit. For both men the dreams always ended the same way, two sweaty and spent bodies moving together for one golden kiss. As their lips came together the faces of the figures were revealed to be Galus and Habrux.

Even the powerful dreams did not motivate either man to bridge the distance between them. If anything the dreams kept them further apart. Each one feared confirming the accusations that Belvin had leveled that summer morning two years earlier.

Fate is a powerful mistress and rarely is she denied. One early winter day, Toffan, being a typical younger brother, grew impatient waiting for Galus to take him boar hunting. Toffan choose a day when most of the men of the estate investigating reports of an elder green dragon in a nearby village. As he rode off from the castle, he gave a note to a page to be given to Galus in 1 hour.

Galus, having been appointed to remain at the estate to keep things in good order, was walking the grounds. As he walked toward the stables, a page approached him with a note. The note was from Toffan. It said he was going boar hunting alone in the northern forest to prove that he was ready to handle the duties of the men of the estate.

Galus realized the danger that his brother was in. He told the page to send any available help to the northern forest. He immediately saddled a horse and rode to the armory to get weapons. As he rode he looked for someone to assist him in rescuing his brother. With most of the men gone, he did not find anyone who would be more of an asset than a liability.

Galus gathered the weapons he needed and road out at a full gallop. When he reached the northern forest he called out for Toffan. He searched for about an hour before he found Toffan’s trail. He followed the tracks calling his brother’s name. The tracks led to a stand of trees and brush. There he found Toffan’s horse. He called out again as he left his own horse and pushed the thick brush.

Galus emerged from the brush out on to a ridge. He looked down about 100 feet below into a clearing just in time to see a boar charging toward Toffan. Toffan heard his name being called. He looked toward Galus and smiled. He then set his foot on the boar spike and readied himself for the charging beast. He stood his ground as the boar charged in. Galus stood frozen as the brave boy held the spike and braced for the impact of the raging beast.

He watch as the spike glanced off the shoulder of the boar and beast struck the boy. Blood splattered in the air as the Toffan’s body sailed some 20 feet. The beast rounded from its charge and again began to close on the boy, intent on finishing the job. Galus knew there was little time. He stepped off the cliff and began falling/levitating in futile effort to reach his brother before the boar.

Galus watched in horror as the boar drew closer. He knew that even he let himself plummet to the bottom; the boar would reach Toffan, before Galus’ feet touched ground. Worse, a dead fall would leave him in no condition to even reach the boy, let alone defend him.

The boar was closing the last ten feet and Toffan was not moving. It was not even clear he was conscious. Suddenly, Habrux was there. He charged out of the trees behind Toffan. He stopped when he stood between Toffan and the charging boar. He held a longsword in one hand a shield in the other.

As the beast closed in, Habrux lashed out with the longsword. The blade seemed to dance along the boar’s leathery hide. It had no effect. The boar charged directly into Habrux. The shield, which took the brunt of the brute’s blow, seemed to bow inward. Then there was a loud cracking sound. Habrux, cried out in pain as his body was launched back at least 10 feet in to a large tree. The tree seemed to shake with the force of the blow. Habrux slid to the ground a few feet from Toffan, who had yet too move.

The boar’s momentum had carried it past the tree but it was coming back. Habrux crawled over to Toffan. As he crawled, he seemed to avoid putting any weight on his shield arm. He reached Toffan and pulled the limp boy’s body over his shoulder. Habrux began to levitate, attempting to get them both out of harms way. But, before they could get more then a foot off the ground, the boar was back. The beast slammed into Habrux and sent them both tumbling to the ground.

As the boar closed in on the two of them, Habrux crawled over to Toffan and covered the boy with his body. The boar closed the short distance and began attacking with hoofs and tusks. Habrux scream as his flesh was torn from his body. The only movements he made were to shield the boy beneath him.

By this time, Galus had reached the ground. He ran at a dead sprint towards the mayhem before him. When he was in range he pulled his bow and knocked an arrow. Desperately trusting luck and his own skill he fired at the boar. The first two arrows flew high, as he tried to avoid hitting Habrux and Toffan. The third arrow struck the boar in the rump quarter and drove in through the thick skin. This arrow got the boar attention. The brute wheeled around looking for a new target.

Galus waved his arms and shouted at the top of his lungs, before loosing another arrow at the beast. The last arrow glanced off the boar’s forehead. But it had done its job. The beast squealed and charged through the clearing towards Galus, leaving its victims behind.

Galus used his levitation to stay out of reach of the beast. He manipulated the beast’s charges as he worked his way closer to the boar spike. Once Galus had reached it, he braced the spike for the beast’s charge. He double checked his aim to ensure the spike would pierce the brute’s heart and he waited. Then there was the shock of the impact, followed by a sickening crunch as the spike pierced bone and found its mark. The boar convulsed for a moment and then dropped with a thud.

Galus ran to Habrux and Toffan, fearing he would find the worst. When he reached them, he found them both alive. Habrux was still conscious despite the fact that his leather armor and his back were torn to shreds. Toffan was breathing and awake. Galus did his best to bind their wounds and stop any bleeding. He splinted, Habrux’ shield arm, which dangled limply just below the elbow. As Galus was binding their wounds, Habrux asked if Toffan was ok. When Galus replied that the boy seemed fine, Habrux sighed deeply and closed his eyes.

Once he had both Habrux and Toffan stabilized. He retrieved the horses and used them to transport the three of them back to the estate, using his levitation to ensure a smooth ride. The whole ride back he cradled Habrux in his arms, fearing that Habrux might die never knowing how he truly felt. During the ride Toffan spoke for the first time. “He saved my life. Did you see what he did?” Then the boy swooned and passed out.

Back at the estate, he enlisted the help of others to get them both to the healing chamber. He insisted on carrying Habrux. He asked two servants to carry his brother.

The magic users had gone with the men to deal with the dragon. The healers and herbalist worked on Habrux and Toffan. Toffan was treated and allowed to return to bed rest in his own apartments the next day. Habrux did not open his eyes for 3 days. Galus never left his side. He just sat there holding Habrux’ hand.

On the third day, Habrux, whose wounds were bound and arm had been set, opened his eyes. Galus called a healer. Once he had been checked out and seemed to making a full recovery, Galus took Habrux’ hand and swore. “Let every god of the planes be my witness, never again will I be separated from you. You are my one love. I care not what others may say, for my heart and my soul know this too be true. So, if you will have me, I will follow you to the ends of the earth giving you the love you deserve.” Habrux, who was taken aback, but knew in his heart that he felt the same for Galus. He responded “I will have you and you will have me. No one will separate us again.”

On the fourth day, the magic users returned and a cleric healed the rest of Habrux’ wounds. Habrux felt as good as new and left the healers to return to his parents’ home. That night a hero’s banquet was held in honor of Habrux. He was given full credit for saving Toffan’s life. Toffan had spent the last 4 days telling anyone who would listen how Habrux had used his own body to shield the lad. Galus was given credit for killing the boar and getting them all back to safety, but the true hero of the night was Habrux.

The Archduke stood before all assembled and extolled the virtues and bravery of the man who had not just saved the life of his son, but had been willing to sacrifice his own life in the attempt. He bestowed upon Habrux the title of Baron, a huge manor house and lands adjacent to the Cirrus estate, a rare honor for a commoner. He also presented him with a chest filled 250,000 gp. In addition, the Archduke offered to grant Habrux one request.

Habrux let his greatest fear guide him. He asked that he and his family would always be welcome here at the estate. The Archduke was surprised by the simple request and granted it wholeheartedly, before all who were assembled. The night was capped off with merriment and dancing that went into the wee hours of the morning.

As the party was dying down Galus led Habrux to his apartments. Giddy from drink and praise, Habrux boldly held Galus’ hand as they walked through the corridors of the castle. Who would dare challenge Baron Ironfist, the hero or the son of the Archduke?

Once they were in Galus’ room he informed Habrux of his plan. “Tomorrow I will inform my father of my intention to make you my consort. It took all the restraint that I possess, not to proclaim it tonight at the banquet.” When Habrux questioned the wisdom of such a request, Galus explained that the worst his father could do was banish his own son, but Habrux would be free to return to see his parents. His father had just publicly proclaimed that Habrux was always welcome.

Habrux was still leery of such a bold request. Two men sharing a life was not unheard of in their lands. However, rarely were nobles who had same-gender relations accepted fully by other nobles. Habrux feared what such a public relationship would do to Galus’ standing. Galus explained that not being first born, his inheritance and standing were limited and not being last born he had no obligation to Akadi. Therefore, he his last obligation as a noble would be an arranged marriage. That fate, he declared, he would never suffer.

Habrux tried to voice more words of caution, but they died in his throat, when Galus silenced him with a kiss, their very first kiss. After several minutes of kissing Galus looked at Habrux and said “I think it time you get the hero’s welcome, you have earned.” Then he took his hand and led him into the bedchamber.

The next morning Galus went to his parents’ apartments. He knocked on the door and waited for a response. A servant opened the door for him. Then the servant step back and announced him as he entered. “Good morning mother, father. Father if you have a moment I would speak with you about a matter of some importance.” His mother, Gilese, smiled at her son. His father looked up and dismissed the servants standing in the room.

After the last servant had closed the door on his way out, Belvin spoke. “You have my complete attention, my boy” Galus gathered his nerve and spoke. “I want you to know two things father. The first is that Habrux and I love each other in the same way you and mother love each other. The second is that I intend to make Habrux my consort.”

Gilese dropped her fork at the first statement. The second left her looking a little green around the gills. The Archduke, however, showed no outward sign of emotion. He reached over to his wife and patted her hand. Then he spoke. “Well my son in regard to your statements, I must say I have long suspected the first. And knowing you and your honest heart I have been expecting the second. Hell, I damn near expected the boy to demand your hand last night as his one request. I admire his restraint.” Galus replied. “Actually father it was I who wanted to proclaim it last night. Habrux is worried that a public relationship will somehow hurt me. He thinks I’m biting off too much. I told him my only concern is that we never be separated. And now that his banishment is a dead issue, that fear is gone.” Hearing this Belvin smiled. “Yes it is convenient that even if I wanted to banish him from my lands, I am precluded from doing so by my own public proclamation. Know this my son; I have no desire to banish Habrux. Having seen first hand the courage he can summon when one of my children’s welfare is threatening,” Belvin said with a wink. “I want him around”

This exchange was not going as Galus had expected. “I, I have your support? But you separated us for two year!” He exclaimed.

Belvin smiled again and replied. “My son, I separated the two of you to keep you from falling blindly in to a trap. I have no intention of stopping you from knowingly walking through a door. A little over two years ago I found my 13 yr old son in bed with a commoner.” Gilese blanched and made a strangled noise in the back of her throat. “Today,” Belvin continued. “My grown son of nearly 16 years comes to me and tells me he wants marry a baron with lands and money. There’s a world of difference.”

The fact that Habrux was no longer a commoner had not really occurred to Galus. He had heard the words, but they had never really taken hold. He looked at his father more carefully now trying to figure out how much of this the Archduke had planned. “Did you plan this father?” Galus asked warily? Belvin smiled craftily. “Let’s just say a good ruler prepares for any possible contingency. Besides Habrux is a good man. He deserved everything he received.” He studied his son’s face for a moment and then he move to the window.

Looking down on the courtyard, Belvin spoke again. “In regards to this consort idea, is there any way you would consider a small, private, family ceremony?”

Galus considered his father’s question carefully. Then he spoke. “The size of the ceremony is not the issue. I want Habrux afforded the same rights and duties as any other person who married one of you children. I will not have him hidden away, like some terrible secret.” “Many of the Nobles here and at court will not be accepting of two men living as a couple.” Belvin replied “I can’t even guarantee your grandfather, the King, will embrace the idea. He has always seemed to favor you above his other grandchildren.”

“I can handle the nobles.” Galus replied. “As for grandfather, I would hate to lose his love and respect. Perhaps I should ride to Court to speak with him and explain …” Belvin cut off his words. “I will speak to my father and to my brother, the crown prince, for good measure. But know this; no matter how they handle the news, you and Habrux have my blessing. As long as you live in the lands over which I have dominion you are both under my protection and none shall harm or harass you.”

Galus was not prepared for such a declaration. As the full meaning sank in, he found himself unable to speak. He closed the distance between he and his father and embraced Belvin warmly. Gilese finally found her voice. “My son, you have my blessing, as well. Would you boys like some help planning the nuptials?” Galus turned and embraced his mother. “That would be wonderful.” He replied.

Six months hence the High Priestess of Akadi presided over the ceremony that including most of the local Nobles and quite a few from court, Galus and Habrux were bonded in matrimony. Also in attendance was King Lapin, Galus’ grandfather. Notably absent was Crown Prince Basteon.

In accordance with their customs, it was Galus’ duty, as the life partner of higher rank, to give a token and make a pledge of love. As Galus slipped a thick gold ring on third finger of Habrux’ sword hand, he said. “When you were injured and any moment could have been the moment that Akadi called your spirit home, I held your hand in mine. I held it for so long I’ve come to think of it as mine. I ask you now to give your hand and make it mine forever. Do this and in return I will give you my hand, my heart and my soul.”

Habrux responded. “Here is my hand for you to hold along with it I give you my soul. My heart has always been yours and with it you have my love.

The High Priestess smiled at them both. Then she said. “Let your hands always be within reach. Let your hearts beat in unison. Lastly, let your souls be bound together for all eternity.”

The happy couple moved to Ironfist Manor; the huge manor home in Habrux’ barony. Galus kept his apartments in the Cirrus’ castle. He and Habrux stayed there whenever they visited the estate. The two men settled down in to a happy, mundane life.

A decade passed in the peaceful and quiet lives of Galus and Habrux. Then one day, King Lapin passed away in his sleep. The entire family made the journey to court for the funeral and subsequent coronation of Basteon as king.

Basteon never made a secret of his distaste for their relationship. Now as king, he was in a position to make life difficult for Galus and Habrux. Fortunately, there was nothing he could do legally unless one of them committed some offense. In months after his coronation, Basteon tried several times to goad one of the couple into making some social or legal gaffe. Fortunately, neither Galus nor Habrux fell into any of Basteon’s poorly laid traps.

Galus worried that his uncle, King Basteon would keep trying to find a way to bait one of them into some small offense. He feared Basteon would use that offense to justify his agenda of destroying their relationship. He shared his concerns with Habrux. After many nights of discussion, the couple decided to leave Calimshan.

Habrux had heard from a traveling bard of place called Shaychland where couples of the same gender were the norm. According to the bard, Shaychland was a 3 week journey by wagon train. Habrux and Galus decided to travel to Shaychland for an extended visit. It was agreed that the couple would return in three months, if Shaychland did not meet their expectations and in six month if it did. Habrux hated to leave his parents, but he worried that King Basteon plots would harm his parents more than his absence.

Toffan, who viewed Habrux as a brother, agreed to oversee the day to day operations of Ironfist Manor. He also agreed to contact Habrux before making any major decisions.

Belvin would not let the two men travel alone. He insisted on providing them with a grand caravan and 2 squads of soldiers, many of whom were also eager to see Shaychland. No highwayman in his right mind would attack a caravan with its own army. He also insisted on giving Galus a large portion of his inheritance. “If you plan to settle in a new land, you will need some seed money.” Belvin explained.

The day of departure came too swiftly. The arrangements had all been made. A grand feast had been held the night before, to give the couple a proper send off. The only thing left to say was goodbye. The goodbyes were long and tearful. It was mid-morning before they set out on their journey.

Shaychland was everything they had hoped it would be and more. The people were friendly and inviting. Leader and founder was a lawful good paladin who seemed to have to love and respect of all the citizens. The area was filled with good people, literally. Only people of good alignment could enter the boundaries of Shaychland.

Galus and Habrux decided to stay and make a life in Shaychland. Habrux opened a smithy and forged weapons. Galus became a weapons instructor. He often had Habrux come to his classes for demonstrations. The students saw the skill levels they could acquire with dedication and the right instructor.

Over the years, Galus and Habrux once again settled into a routine and were very happy. They visited the Cirrus estate and Ironfist manor regularly, at least twice per year.

One year when they returned to the Cirrus estate, they brought along a surprise guest, a baby. The newborn boy had Galus’ eyes and Habrux’ nose and mouth. Their in-laws were very excited at the prospect of a grandchild, but they wanted to know which of them were the grandparents. “You all are.” Galus replied with a broad smile. Habrux added. “He is our son and you are his grandparents” At this point, Brazul asked the question that all 4 parents were thinking. “Yes son, but is who fathered this little boy? Is he an heir to the royal throne or the son of a baron?” “Both” Habrux replied while smiling mischievously. Brazul laughed. “Son, I may be old fashioned but not that much about conception has changed since your mother and I made you.” Habrux laughed too. “I know papa. Conception has not changed but sometimes it can be helped, magically. Let me explain.”

Habrux went on to explain the Rod of Splendor, a magic item that can be used to conceive offspring with another person, even if they are a different race or species. He went on to explain how a wise old mage in Shaychland had created a slightly modified rod of splendor. With a normal Rod of Splendor one person holding it can impregnate, one some or all others with in a set range. The resulting child is has the genetic makeup of both the person holding the rod and the impregnated being. The modified Rod of Splendor allows two people to hold it at the same time and impregnated a third party. The resulting offspring has the genetic make up of the two people who held the rod. The impregnated third party carries the child to term as a sort of substitute or surrogate mother.

Galus chimed in. “Habrux and I have a friend who was willing to be our substitute mother. So we both held the rod and eight and one half months later, we were holding baby Jonax. He is the product of both our bloodlines and heir to all we own. So you are all grandparents!” The doting of the grandparents began immediately.

Jonax was the first of Galus’ and Habrux’ 5 children. They went on to have 3 boys and 2 girls.

Javvin Stormfist Cirrus

-Race = Windsoul Genasi -light blue skin -monk of Akadi/mageslayer Lawful Good -5’ 9” -Curly white hair -Lavender eyes -grey hex birthmark over his heart -Youngest of five brothers

Air Genasi as Characters: +2 dex and int -2 wis Medium Base speed 30 Darkvision 60 Levitate +1 bonus on saves vs. air spells Do not need to breath Outsider

Javvin is the 5th born son of Galus and Habrux Cirrus. The Cirrus family has a unique family tradition. In the Cirrus family the youngest child dedicates his or her life in the service Akadi. That duty has fallen on Javvin. This duty is not an unhappy one for Javvin. He can think of no happier life than to serve as a monk of Akadi.

Duke Galus Stormwalker Cirrus is the 3rd born son of Archduke Belvin of Calimshan. Baron Habrux Ironfist-Cirrus is first born son of Brazul Ironfist the Archduke’s weapon smith. Javvin’s blood lines are a mix of Aristocrat and commoner.

Javvin was born and raised in Shaychland. His fathers moved to Shaychland before he was born. Being the youngest child he knew from an early age that he would spend his life in service to Akadi. To some this may have seemed a burden, but to Javvin it was an honor.

Javvin’s greatest challenge was deciding the way in which he would serve Akadi. But this choice was made simple by his natural abilities and his personality.

From an early age, Javvin showed a great deal of talent for tumbling and acrobatics. He was also a very blunt and honest child. Frankly, as a child, Javvin was a goodie-two-shoes. He always followed the rules and guidelines set out for him by his parents and instructors. His siblings and classmates hid their misdeed from Javvin, because they quickly learned that he would tattle on them to the nearest authority figure.

Javvin was very much his fathers’ son. As the grandson of an Archduke and the great-grandson of a king, he could have lived a spoiled and idle life until the day came for him to commit to Akadi. Even in choosing his form of service he could picked a position that made very few demands on him and his free time.

Javvin, followed the example of his parents. He studied hard in school and excelled at physical training. He loved to work with his hands. He worked with Habrux at the forge and learned the trade of weaponsmith.

Javvin’s burgeoning skills as a weaponsmith were a bit ironic. For, while Javvin enjoyed crafting weapons, he tended to shy away from most weapons when practicing his own combat training.

At the age of 9, Javvin gave serious thought to how he wanted to spend the rest of his life. He sat down with his fathers and discussed his strengths and weakness. He told them that he felt that he would be able to serve Akadi best is a monk. His parents supported and encouraged his decision. “Being a monk is a noble calling, my son.” Habrux said. “Thank you, papa.” Javvin replied “Your great aunt Mistul, your grandfather Belvin’s youngest sister, is a monk of Akadi. We must let her know that you have chosen to follow in her path.” Galus added. “That would be wonderful father. Perhaps she can send me some tips so I can begin my preparations now.” Javvin said with a smile.

Later that year, Javvin’s whole family made their regular trip to the Cirrus estate in Calimshan. They had the usual visit with grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. Then they spent a few days at Ironfist Manor. When they returned to the Cirrus Estate, they found that an unexpected visitor had arrived. When Javvin and his siblings entered their grandparents’ apartments, they saw Belvin and Gilese talking to a woman they had never seen before.

The woman was strikingly beautiful. She stood at just a half inch under 6’. She had a lean, but ample frame. She complimented her figure with fine robes and vestments that looked expensive, yet comfortable. Her skin was color of a blue sea current. Her hair was dark like a storm cloud and she had piercing lavender eyes. “Aaah children,” Belvin said as they entered the room. “I like for you to meet you great aunt Mistul.” As Mistul moved across the room to meet the Javvin and his siblings, her robes flowed around her as if caught in a light breeze. She greeted each child in turn, saving Javvin for last. “Aaah,” Mistul said as she gently touched her hand to Javvin’s cheek. “This must be my wonderful nephew who has selected the noblest of professions?” Javvin blushed, making his light blue cheeks glow turqoise. “Yes aunt Mistul.” “Excellent!” Mistul exclaimed. “Tomorrow youngling we will begin the testing. We will find out if your aptitude matches your ambition.” Javvin was excited and a little nervous, but he replied in a calm voice. That would be wonderful aunt Mistul.”

The rest of the night was consumed with joyous family bonding.

The next day Mistul tested Javvin’s abilities. She was so impressed that she recommended he begin training at once. She offered to take Javvin to her monastery and have him enrolled.

Galus and Habrux were reluctant to let their youngest child go so quickly. They both had deep concerns about separating the family. Javvin also felt things were moving kind of fast.

Mistul proposed another solution. She could train Javvin herself, at least until he was older and more comfortable with the idea of leaving his parents. Everyone liked that idea. It was agreed that Mistul would travel back to Shaychland with them.

At the end of their visit to the Cirrus estate, they said their goodbyes. They promised to return for Midsummer and all of the associated holiday festivities. Mistul travelled with them back to Shaychland. As usual, the Archduke dispatched 2 squadrons of armed guards to ensure they had a safe journey.

Once they returned to Shaychland, Mistrul was set up with accomodations for her personal needs and the facilities for training a young monk. Javvin’s training began, within days of their return. His normal routine was completely dropped. Mistrul worked with him from before the sun rose until after it had set. She completely changed his life. The one thing she did not change was his training time in the Smithy with Habrux. “Solid professional skills will serve you well throughout your years.” Mistrul reasoned.

Mistrul trained Javvin for 3 years. She saw to his education and his physical training. She transformed him from an ambitious child to a youth well on the path to becoming a monk of Akadi.

During that 3 year period, several monks of Akadi travelled to and from Shaychland. The intial visitor was an old friend of Mistrul’s named Lucyan. Eventually word spread among the monks that a good land founded by a paladin of Akadi existed. The fact that Shaychland was welcoming to shaych people was viewed as plus by many.

Lucyan and a few others decided to open a monastery in Shaychland. The monastery opened on the second anniversary of Mistrul arrival in Shaychland. Although officially open, the monastery was not yet ready to take on students. There were many administrative issues to be addressed.

By the end of the third year of Javvin’s training, the monastery was open and operational on the outskirts of Shaychland. When Lucyan announced that the monks of Akadi were officially accepting students, Javvin petitioned to be accepted for training. In light of his years of training, and a strong letter of recommendation from Mistrul, Javvin was accepted as one the new monastery’s first pupils.

Javvin, now 12 years old, moved out of his parents’ home and into the monastery. His training was challenging. He thought his aunt was a task master, but the monks at the monastery were much more demanding. Javvin’s every waking hour was spent training, studying or meditating. He visited his family whenever he was given free time, which was usually one day a week.

The monk’s continued Javvin’s weaponsmith training. However, instead making the swords and other bladed weapons, that monks rarely used, he learned to make kamas, daggers, sais, nunchakus and crossbows. When working with metals, Javvin showed his instructors some the folding techniques he learned from Habrux.

Javvin worked hard and excelled at the training he was given. During the Midsummer festival, just before his 14th birthday, Javvin was promoted from student to monk.

Even as a monk, Javvin’s days were filled with training and learning. He was occasionally sent out on a mission to investigate some minor ocurrence or as a messenger. Generally his life was spent studying and meditating. The one thing that changed was that he could see his family more.

During one of Javvin’s many missions, he came upon a gruesome sight. A pack of Ogres had managed to trap 2 pegasi, one adult and one colt that looked about a year old. When Javvin arrived on the scene, it was too late to help the adult. The ogres had its carcass hoisted over a cooking fire. The ogres were rending the flesh from the beautiful animal and shoving the meat into the mouths.

The younger pegasus was tangled in nets that were secured to the ground. It was ommitting sounds of agony, terror and rage. Javvin resolved that it would not be food for the brutish ogres.

A direct confrontation with the ogres was out of the question. Javvin knew the ogres would overpower him and add him to their diet. Javvin hid and waited for an opportunity. It came 3 hours after sundown, when the ogres, having stuffed themselves, settled down and slept. Even the appointed guard eventually had dozed off.

Javvin snuck into the camp and freed the pegasus, which had passed out from exhaustion and horror. He quietly carried it away, using his levitation to compensate for the colts weight. He carried the young equine back to were he had left his own horse. Acting quickly, he fashioned a makeshift litter out of wood, blankets and rope. He attached the litter to his horse, levitated it off the ground and rode out at a full gallop. As they rode he kept an eye on his passenger. After an hour he slowed his horse to a more normal speed.

Javvin rode through the night. In the morning, he tended to his horse and then went to check on the young pegasus. He was anxious for the young creature to awaken so it could feel it’s freedom and fly home to it’s herd. The animal was still unconscious. It was also shivering.

Javvin laid down with the colt and covered them both with a blanket. He woke a few hours later to feeling of a tongue licking his face. “I see someone is awake” Javvin said as he brushed the nose of the young pegasus.

Javvin stood up and removed the blanket. He walked over to his saddlebags, put the blanket away. When he turned around the colt was standing up. Javvin reached into his bags again and pulled out a couple of pieces of fruit. He walked back to the colt. “I’ll bet you’re hungry.” He held out the fruit and the colt ate it from his hand. After the fruit was gone, Javvin stood there stroking the colt’s neck. “So my friend are you fly back to your family?.” Javvin asked

The colt responded by flapping his wings. Then the youngling cried out in pain. Javvin gently looked it the colt’s wings and found lots of cuts and bruises. It looked as if flying was out of the question. “Hmm maybe you better come with me” Javvin said.

He took the colt back to the monastery and asked one of the clerics to heal it. The newly healed colt launched into the sky, circled around few times and then landed. The colt pushed up against Javvin and licked his face. Then it launched into the air again and flew in the direction of home. Javvin smiled and waved as the colt disappeared from sight.

Two weeks later, Javvin was in the courtyard doing some training excercises when he heard a whinnying noise. He looked around and then up, just in time to see the colt land about 30 feet away. Javvin ran to the colt and it nuzzled his hair.

Then a large white pegasus stallion landed. Javvin stood in amazement. The colt push Javvin towards the stallion. The stallion stood there for a moment as if studying Javvin. Javvin had the feeling he was being evaluated.

The presence of a pegasus stallion drew some attention in the monastery. One of the crowd of onlookers was a druid. The druid explained that the stallion came to see the human the young one wants to stay with. “He is evaluating you.” Javvin must have passed, because the stallion left and the colt stayed. Over time Javvin became a seasoned monk, having spent many years thwarting evil and serving Akadi. His gifts and talents were noticed by those in authority. One day he was summoned to the chamber of the Hierarch, Lucyan. When he arrived at Lucyan’s door, an intiate was waiting out side and she ushered Javvin through the door.

When he entered the room, Javvin saw that Lucyan and several of the senior monks of the order seated at a long table, including Mistrul. The initiate brought in a chair, a sat it in the middle of the room facing the table of senior level monks. Javvin stood next to the chair. As a sign of respect he would not sit until asked.

Lucyan spoke first. “Aaah young Javvin, please be seated.” Javvin took a seat, but did not relax. He was careful that every bit of his demeanor showed respect. The assembled monks talked amongst themselves for a few more minutes. Then Lucyan held up his hand and all fell silent. Every eye in the room was now trained on Javvin. Lucyan spoke again. “Javvin, we have asked you here to discuss a matter of great importance. As you know, there is good and evil in all things, in men, in law and in magic. It is the third thing that brings us here today. We serve Akadi by seeing that evil is kept in check and a proper balance is maintained. Magic as a tool of evil is a great concern to us. There is within our order, an elite class of monks known as mageslayers. They are specially trained to thwart mages who use their talents to advance evil. We have been very impressed with you as a pupil and as brother. We would like to offer you admittance into this prestigous class.” Lucyan went on to explain more about mageslayers and the requirements to be come one.

After all was explained to him about the training that would be required to become one of the mageslayers. Javvin, who was honored to be asked, agreed to undertake the training to acquire the mageslayer skills.


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