Dragon Blooded Sorcerer and Chosen of fire


Dezzaree AC 39 Fort 12 Reflex 11 Will 17 HP 209

Dragon Form AC 41 Fort 17 Reflex 11 Will 17 HP 304

Fire chosen will need to sacrifice their life to give up the heart of fire. Resurrection is possible. Give Her lots of time to come up with good description of events.

Standing at the alter of the temple of the reality plane that she calls home, Dezzaree looks at the fire alter with trepidation and a sense of duty. As the ritual comes to her turn to put her elemental “touch stone” on the alter she reaches for the hand of a companion that she had grown very fond of. Vamik holds her hand as they approach the alter and Dezzaree starts to shake with fear but doesn’t loose a step. She stands before the alter with one hand in Vamiks and the other takes on the draconic claws that she uses as a weapon. She looks at the gaping hole in her chest that leaves her burning heart visible to all and reaches inside. She stares at the alter intently and she grabs her own heart and tries to pull it out. The pain is blinding and she releases Vamiks hand to grab hold of the alter to steady herself as lights flash before her eyes. She lets go out of instinct and after what seems like an eternity she lifts her clawed hand once again around her heart as she leans forward on the alter. With a hard pull and the sounds of ripping tissues Dezzaree Pulls her heart out with a scream and places it on the alter as she crumples to the ground dead.

Once the ritual to save their reality from destruction is finished, Trill performs a small ritual of resurrection with Dezzaree’s god Bahmut watching in approval. Trill places a diamond in her chest and with Bahmut’s help the diamond turns into a new heart to sustain life in her body once more.


Dezzaree grew up in her father’s elven community with both her parents in a very loving environment. She showed magical talents early on and her father attributed it to her great grandfather’s dragon blood. Her parents supported her natural talents as she grew into them, allowing her to learn with others from their town in Sweet Water, and she flourished. She quickly learned any magics that she could and specialized in negating other’s magic. She started getting the nickname of the anti-mage.

When she was old enough to understand adult behaviors she was quick to become sexually active. As with the elves she was raised with the understanding that sex was for more than just reproduction. It was a good way to relieve stress and tension, not to mention that it just felt good, and quickly became her favorite pass time. With her looks and natural charisma it was always easy for her to get sex whenever and where ever she wanted. Though recently this has come to back fire on her. Growing up, she had no need to find other ways to release and negative feelings, sex was always available. Now on a ship full of sexy gay men she feels tortured, and has started to lose sleep and her concentration. She’s having a hard time focusing on anything due to the emotional and physical tension that has built up over the last few months. She uses her spells to make her look like she’s fine, but should she not keep it up the others would see the exhaustion that is plaguing her both mind and body.

At the age of 18 her parents talked and decided that they would to go Byzantar to see her mother’s parents. They traveled by sea and were there in months. They stayed with her grandparents, and during their one year visit her father locked himself up in his room a lot. Leaving Dezzaree to wander the city with the rest of her family, and to explore alone. In just a couple of months she felt as though Byzantar was a second home. One of her favorite places to visit was the Murder’s Roost. Her just appearing draconic features fit in quite well. May mistook her for being a quarter dragon. It was during this time that a cleric showed her the wonders that are Bahamut. She quickly pledged to the dragon god, feeling now more of her dragon blood taking root. She started to get scales along her cheek bones and her temples; showing all, her silver dragon lineage.

As the year started to come to an end her father finally came out of hiding and offered Dezzaree two gifts. A Circlet to protect her mind that he had had specifically crafted for her, and a mantle that he had made himself for her. The mantle would enhance her natural charisma and allow her to shape change. It was then that her parents said that they were leaving her behind to lead her own life. She would always be welcome back home, but she was far too great to be stuck in one place. So after wishing her parents and grandparents good bye she went to the Murder’s Roost and became an adventurer.

The first group she adventured with was a full party of men. She was pretty certain they were only taking her along because of her looks since one of the men was a wizard. It was an eay time with that group… until she started to sleep with the cleric. It was the same cleric that had shown her the light of Bahamut. The other party members started to become jealous. As the resentment grew amongst the party, so did the tension and Dezzaree’s want to leave. One morning a fight broke out among the group and she did her best to help her cleric, but they were out numbered and he was killed. She managed to flee and found a tunnel in a hill. She ran in as the others were after her. She ran for all that she was worth, hoping not to trip as the light faded to the point that her elven sight couldn’t pierce the dark, but the torches were behind her. She ran till she heard her heart in her ears and her chest burned with every breath. She noticed that there was a dim light ahead and it lit the way for her as she pushed herself on. Then she couldn’t keep it up and stumbled into the opening at the tip of a silver dragon’s tail. The Dragon was already looking in her direction as she forced herself to look up. The sight of the dragon was terrifying. And as she heard the shouts of her pursuers she considered running back. The Dragon looked at her with a kind eye then gently grabbed her with a monstrous clawed hand and moved her out of sight of the opening, next to her clutch. Dezzaree clutched her knees to her chest and quietly cried into her legs. The 3 wyrmlings nuzzled Dezzaree and muffled out the noises of the dragon talking with her pursuers. After a lot of talk there was a flash that she saw from the corners of her eyes, but she dare not look up. And then the room got cold as the dragon took a deep breath and unleashed her icy breath on the men that had chased her. She heard a faint scream that faded after a moment. She looked up once more to see the kind motherly face of Aesthyrondalaurai the Silver Dragon.


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