Power seeking Mystic Thurge who has found himself devout to Strad and his friends.


STR 16 | Dex 18 | Con 19 | Int 28 | Wis 22 | Cha 19 |

Fort 16 | Ref 17 | Will 22 |

AC 35 | HP 167 | Init +4 | SR 31 |

Speed 30 | Fly 60

Prefered Weapon – +5 Scythe of Defending

Craft (woodworking) 17 | Diplomacy 26 | Fly 14 | Heal 21 | Knowledge Arcane/Religion 31 | Knowledge Planes/Engineering/Dungeoneering 26 | Linguistics 31 | Perception 7 | Profession – Alchemist 20 | Spellcraft 31 |

Wizard 3 | Cleric 3 | Mystic Thurge 10 | Divine Emissary 2 |

Domains – Repose, Protection, Deathless | School Universal |



As Narrorated by some old coot

Trillion Jondolar. Son of Trillion Jondolar. Not Jr. Not Tillion the 2nd. Trillion, on of Trillion. Just because the son follows the father does not mean one must be a “senior” or claim a numerical designation like some item from a dwarven production line. The son will follow the sire but carve his own path, for better or worse. No need to force a denomination to his name before his has a chance to choose that path.

Henceforth Tillion, son of Trillion, will be known as Trill. Why? That is what he calls himself. Do not ask me for further explination when simple logic fits your inane inquisitivness. Now then. Trill’s father was poor, like many are. Son of a blacksmith, heir to a line of blacksmiths as far back as memory and cheap paper can serve. Trillion’s problem is that his father was not a very good blacksmith and debt awaited him when he took over the family smithy. Trillion vowed that any spawn of his would have a different life, with a better chance than he did. Spawn? Why thats what you are boy! A whelp, little’n or whipersnapper. Got it? Good.

Trill did not apprentice with his father like the fathers before him had. At a young age Trill was sent to be educated, much like you have been sent to me. Apprenticed as a scribe. How do I know? Do your questions never cease?! Put two and two together. He was sent to me, of course. I taught him everything he knows. Well, knew. That is until that cleric sullied his perfectly good education. He was a moderate scribe but that was not what made me proud of the boy. His aptitude for our fine art was exquisite! Nothing short of remarkable! I was amazed that such a small body could hold such talent for the art. And usually someone of his talent would claim Draconic blood, or some such mockery of human abilities, but he never did. Trill is the son of a blacksmith, and quite proud of it.

Finally a conclusion worth noting from you! Yes, Trill shortened his name because he does not yet feel he has matched the accomplishment that his father has. He felt that he could not rightfully take his father’s name until it was earned. Such a remarkable sense of familiar duty from one who went so far from our way. Trillion pulled his way out of that debt and is financialy comfortable in North Freeport. A feat in itself to raise the family business as much as he did.

Back to where we should be, Trill. Trill may have been overly proud of his father, but that did not mean he was humble in the least. The boy knew just how much potential he had, and flaunted it. He studied hard, but to was callous to other of his age who did not work as hard as he felt they could. Money did not make someone better in Trill’s eyes; capability did.

Trill studied with me for eight long years. The longest I’ve kept an apprentice yet. He became more of an assistant after his fourth year. The following years I think were not spent from sentimentality to an old man, but from his desire to raise his abilities to the highest he could with me. After those eight years, he felt he could learn no more from me. Trill left to adventure and improve his skills through danger and glory. No, I agreed with him. It was time for him to make his own way and the path of the adventurer is sure to bring power.

I hear he did well. Even managed to aquire a breastplate that is more magnificent than anything I saw back in my days of dungeon diving. Twilight Armor, boy. To look upon it is to see the sunset itself. Made of mithril to boot! Even though it is a full breastplate, it seems made for us wizards. Barely hampering our arts and needs. From what I hear he took it as a right of battle from defeating some evil sorcerer. Quite a trophy if you ask me!

Sadly this is where Trill strayed from out path. Trill felt it was time to take on Rabaunathic. What is even worse is that he never even made it close to the dungeon. No lad, I wont tell you anything about the place except that men go there to die. Trill was attacked on the road. Luckily for him he was near an odd place called Straudberg. A town of undead. Most unusual undead, ones benign and with free will. A group of bandits surprised him in the night, most likely after his armor and anything else of value on him. The one thing they did not count on is Cutter returning from a journey at the same time.

Cutter is the Cleric of Straud. The only true cleric of straud anyways. He, like most of the town, is dead. A bloody skeleton wielding the holy power of his god. Definatly a sight to behold. When Cutter came upon Trill, he was on deaths doorstep. Even if he hadn’t have been, I think he would have stepped over seeing Cutter’s grim visage in his poor state. An arrow through his back, a couple stab wounds in his sides. The bandits never gave him a chance to respond with all that he’d learned. Well, Cutter fought them off, and brought Trill back from the death he should have had. They say Trill saw wings on Cutter when he saved him. I highly doubt Cutter actually has wings in any way, but Trill’s mind was clearly not with him. Especialy when I contemplate the next decision he made.

Trill decided to stay with Cutter in Straudberg. Seeing him as his own holy messenger (much to Cutter’s dismay, I’m sure, if what I hear about him is right). He saw in Cutter a power that he’d never conceived before. The power of God. Well, a god. Since then, Trill has stayed in Straudberg, learning the ways of his new god, and forsaking our own. He could have been so much more before he placed a holy symbol in his hands, but I guess we should be happy he still lives.

Even with all I hear, and even though you think I do not hear you mumbling under your breath, I hear that too boy!... Even with all I hear, I’ve received no word on how Trill fares. I have little hope for him climbing high in our order any more with his waywardness, but I think with what new things he’s learned, I pity the poor man who now tries to mess with Trillion Jondolar.


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