consciousness older than time brought forth from the void.


Mind Shard of Pandorym CR 25 XP lol right sure you get a level… :-)

LE Huge outsider (evil, incorporeal, psionic)

Init +2; Senses darkvision 600 ft., blindsight 600 ft., detect thoughts, low-light vision, true seeing; Perception +60


AC 39, touch 25, flat-footed 37 (+2 Dex, +12 insight, +14 inertial armor, +1 badass bonus)

hp 475 (50 HD), fast healing 30;

Fort +36, Ref +33, Will +39

Defensive Abilitys Aura mental subjugation (30 ft., Will DC 48), psionic draw DR 15/epic and good immune to polymorphing, petrification, and any other spell or ability that alters its form, energy drain, ability drain, ability damage, or death from massive damage, mind-affecting spells and abilities, anathematic secrecy (malefic property), critical hits, sneak attacks, sonic; Resist cold 20, fire 20, negative energy 10, positive energy 10; SR 25 PR 45


Speed fly 30 ft. (perfect) (6 squares)

Melee incorporeal touch +50 (1d6 plus 2 per divine caster level of target)

Space 15 ft.; Reach 15 ft.

Atk Options Chosen of Evil, Empower Power, Epic Psionic Focus, Improved Metapsionics, Opportunity Power, Quicken Power, Twin Power, aligned strike (evil)

Special Actions Dark Speech, divine enervation (malefic property), divinity siphon, summon undead 3/day, vampiric ego whip 1/1d4 rounds

Power Points/Day 483; Telepath Powers Known (ML 20th):

9th—apopsi (DC 31), microcosm, psychic chirurgery (DC 31), reality revision (DC 31), urge extermination

8th—bend reality (DC 30), matter manipulation, recall death (DC 30)

7th—crisis of life (DC 29), divert teleport (DC 29), energy claw, energy wave (DC 29), ultrablast (DC 29)

6th—mass cloud mind (DC 28), co-opt concentration (DC 28), psionic disintegrate (+50 ranged touch, DC 28), stygian bolt (DC 28)

5th—catapsi (DC 27), ectoplasmic shambler, leech field, mind probe (DC 27), psychic crush (DC 27), shatter mind blank (DC 27)

4th—death urge (DC 26), psionic dominate (DC 26), thieving mindlink (DC 26), schism

3rd—crisis of breath (DC 25), dimension twisterCP (DC 26), dismiss ectoplasm (DC 25), dispel psionics, hostile empathic transfer (+50 incorporeal touch, DC 25)

2nd—brain lock (DC 24), concussion blast, read thoughts (DC 24), psionic suggestion (DC 24)

1st—deceleration (DC 23), entangling ectoplasm, force screen, sense link

Psi-Like Abilities (ML 20th): At will—aura sight, detect hostile intent, detect psionics, far hand, psionic identify, psionic knock, know direction and location, psionic lock, mindlink (DC 23), missive, touchsight.

3/day—fate of one, inertial armor, null psionics field, psionic telekinetic sphere (DC 31), reddopsi

1/day—dispelling buffer, energy ball (DC 27), energy cone (DC 26), energy current (DC 28), energy missile (DC 25), hypercognition, tornado blast (DC 32)


Abilities Str —, Dex 15, Con 20, Int 35, Wis 31, Cha 37

Base Atk +50; CMB +52; CMD +62

Feats Ability Focus (vampiric ego whip), Chosen of Evil, Dark SpeechB, Dark Whispers, Empower Power, Epic Fortitude, Epic Reflexes, Epic Psionic Focus, Evil Brand, Improved Metapsionics (5), Iron Will, Filthy Outburst, Opportunity Power, Power Knowledge(2), Psionic Meditation, Psionic Talent (5), Quicken Power, Twin Power.

Skills Autohypnosis +64, Bluff +66, Linguistics +65, Diplomacy +78, Intimidate +72, Knowledge (arcana) +65, Knowledge (psionics) +71, Knowledge (history) +71, Knowledge (religion) +65, Knowledge (the planes) +65, Psicraft +71 (+77 addressing power stones) Perception +65, Sense Motive +63, Spellcraft +71 (+77 deciphering scrolls), Survival +10 (+16 on other planes, +16 following tracks), Use Magic Device +66 (+72 scrolls), Use Psionic Device +66 (+72 power stones)

Languages telepathy 1,000 ft., tongues

SQ corporealize, incorporeal traits, limited existence, nondetection, nonlinear time awareness, sign (seal of binding), swift focus, telepathic backlash

Detect Thoughts (Su) As the detect thoughts spell (PH 220); continuous. This ability provides basic information as if from concentrating for 1 round. A mind shard can focus for additional rounds to gain more information.

Mental Subjugation (Su) Creatures within 30 feet of a mind shard must succeed on a DC 48 Will save every round or be affected as if by a dominate monster spell (CL 25th). A creature that succeeds on this saving throw takes 1 point of Wisdom damage instead. This is a mind-affecting ability.

Psionic Draw (Su) When a creature within 90 feet spends power points to manifest a psionic power, the creature must succeed on a Concentration check (DC 15 + power level) or spend double the normal number of power points. Even if the creature succeeds, the mind shard regains a number of power points equal to the normal cost of the power. If a creature fails the check and doesn’t have enough power points to manifest the power, the power doesn’t manifest and no power points are lost.

True Seeing (Su) As the true seeing spell; continuous; caster level 20th.

Divine Enervation (Su) All divine spellcasters lose the ability to regain spells so long as they remain within 1,000 miles of a mind shard of Pandorym. This interdiction does not interfere with spellcasting.

Divinity Siphon (Su) As a standard action, a mind shard of Pandorym can form a siphoning bond with a creature within 90 feet that can cast divine spells or has a divine caster level of at least 1st. The caster must make a DC 48 Will save to resist this ability. If the bond is established, the caster gains 1d4 negative levels per round. For each negative level the caster gains, the mind shard heals 20 hit points. The bond lasts for up to 10 rounds, or until the mind shard breaks it or the caster dies. A caster who receives as many negative levels as Hit Dice dies and rises as a dread wraith in the following round. A mind shard can have only one siphoning bond active at a time. Maintaining a bond requires no effort.

Summon Undead (Su) Three times per day, a mind shard of Pandorym can summon one of the following undead groups: 2d4 allips, 1d3 ethereal oozes (Fiend Folio 63), 2d4 quells (Libris Mortis 116), 1d6 wraiths, or 1d3 dread wraiths. The undead arrive in 1d4 rounds and serve for 24 hours or until released.

Vampiric Ego Whip (Su) As the ego whip power (DC 27), but requires only a swift action, and the mind shard regains 2 power points per point of damage dealt. A mind shard can use this ability once every 1d4 rounds. Psionics (Ex) A mind shard of Pandorym can expend the equivalent of 20,000 XP on powers that have an XP cost. Anathematic Secrecy (Su) A mind shard of Pandorym is immune to all divine divination spell effects.

Corporealize (Su) As a move action, a mind shard of Pandorym can materialize a part of itself into a corporeal form, usually a pseudopod or tentacle. The mind shard uses this ability to interact with the material world outside of combat—picking up or moving objects, opening doors, and so on. It corporealizes in combat only to move an item out of the reach of an enemy, to disarm a foe wielding a ghost touch weapon, or to otherwise remove something that can harm it. A mind shard can have up to twelve corporeal appendages in existence at one time. An opponent can make sunder attempts against an appendage as if it were a weapon. An appendage has 40 hit points and does not gain a deflection bonus to Armor Class (giving it an AC of 14). Severing the appendage deals 20 points of damage to the mind shard.

Limited Existence (Ex) A mind shard of Pandorym exists for only 24 hours before evaporating. A mind shard reduced to 0 hit points immediately evaporates. A mind shard’s evaporation does not affect Pandorym’s mind in any way. Nondetection (Su) As the nondetection spell; continuous; caster level 20th.

Nonlinear Time Awareness (Su) As a native of an alien reality, Pandorym senses the flow of time differently from how ordinary creatures do. This ability grants a mind shard of Pandorym an insight bonus to its Armor Class equal to its Intelligence modifi er (usually +12).

Swift Focus (Ex) Three times per day, a mind shard of Pandorym can regain its psionic focus as a swift action. Doing so requires a DC 40 Concentration check.

Telepathic Backlash (Su) Whenever a creature targets a mind shard of Pandorym with a telepathy power or an enchantment spell, the manifesting or casting creature must immediately make a DC 48 Will save. A creature that fails this save is affected as by a feeblemind spell (PH 229).


Long ago, a cabal of foolish wizards violated the laws of the multiverse in their search for ever-greater power, discovering spaces “between” the planes that should never have been breached. Their arrogance angered the deities, who jealously coveted this knowledge. To defend themselves (and incidentally, their people), the cabal members sought a weapon with which to threaten the gods. The wizards bent their wills toward a quasireality best described as “perpendicular” to that of the Great Wheel. The dark enticement of the chance to slay deities called to the Material Plane a sentient singularity of scarcely fathomable power and unrelenting destructiveness. Given the name Pandorym by its summoners, it sought greedily to fulfi ll the terms of its contract, but was instead imprisoned. Knowing they couldn’t hold Pandorym’s full might with magic—mortal or divine—they cleaved its alien psyche from its body, trapping the former in a crystal prison beneath their city and the latter in a transdimensional space that touches the multiverse at only one point. (Knowledge [history] or [arcana] DC 28)

In their hubris, those who brought Pandorym called on the deities aligned against them, revealing only a hint of their weapon’s unbelievable destructiveness. The wizards believed such a display would force the gods to relent. Instead, the deities struck fi rst. What would stop a single member of that insolent cabal from being consumed by madness and reuniting the halves of Pandorym? Thus, before the cabal could consolidate its position, the gods blotted every trace of it from the world. (DC 32)

Ancient deities who remember that fearful time occasionally speak to their modern clerics of their decision, striking fear into the hearts of their followers. Having wiped out the wizards and their civilization, the gods could not undo what the cabal had achieved. Thus, they were forced to hide away Pandorym in its dual prisons and erase all known records of the thing’s existence. Nevertheless, tales persist of the weapon that kills gods, and they hint at its location. (DC 35) Despite the seals that hold its mind within the crystalline prison, Pandorym remains conscious and aware of its surroundings. Deathless and bored, it eagerly latches onto the psyche of any sentient creature that wanders too close, attempting to reunite its mind and body. But these mortal pawns are too fragile to endure its control. To its eternal frustration, the crushing power of its mind breaks its servants long before they can perform any helpful action. Until, that is, very recently. (DC 37)


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