El Oso

Flabio Alejo Del Santos, aka "El Oso". Strength of a bear... Mind of one too.


Celestial Sibeccai, LA +2, 3 Racial HD, Barbarian 4, Bear Warrior 6, ECL 15, CG

Medium Sized, 4’10”, Wt 250, Age 32. Brown eyes, Golden Sheen fur. More Chihuahua like than his Jackal like brothers.
Main Stats
HP 212 [13 Sibeccai +25 Barbarian +44 Bear Warrior +91 CON]
STR 28/9 [18 Base +1 Sibeccai +6 Magic +3 Levels]
DEX 21/5 [13 Base +2 Sibeccai +6 Magic]
CON 24/7 [15 Base +3 Sibeccai +6 Magic]
INT 8/-1 [10 Base -2 Sibeccai]
WIS 8/-1 [8 Base]
CHA 10/0 [10 Base]
Initiative +5
AC 19 [10 Base +6 Armor +5 Dex -2 Mighty Unarmed Attack]
Touch 13
Flat 16
Fort 21 [+3 Sibeccai +4 Barbarian +5 Bear Warrior +7 CON +2 Magic]
Ref 13 [+3 Sibeccai +1 Barbarian +2 Bear Warrior +5 Dex +2 Magic]
Will 5 [+1 Sibeccai +1 Barbarian +2 Bear Warrior -1 WIS +2 Magic]
CMB 22 [13 Base +19 STR]
CMD 37 [10 + 13 Base +9 STR +5 DEX]
Ground 40
Bite (Primary Natural Attack) 23 2D6+19 20×2 Free Grapple Attempt with +6
+4 Fists 26/26/21/16 1d4+15 20×2
Rage Bear Bite (Power Attack) 27 3d8+39 20×2 Free Grapple Attempt with +17
Rage Bear Claws (Power Attack) 28/28 1d6+30 20×2 Free Grapple Attempt with +15
Skills With Ranks
Intimidate 10 [7 Ranks +0 CHA +3 Trained]
Perception 17 [13 Ranks -1 WIS +3 Trained +2 Racial]
Survival 15 [13 Ranks -1 WIS +3 Trained]

True Name (Arcana Evolved)
Hands as Weapons (Arcana Evolved)
Ambidexterity (Arcana Evolved)
Power Attack (-4/+8)
Unarmed Attack, Mighty (Arcana Evolved- +2dmg/-2AC)
Improved Grapple (+2, No Attack of Opportunity)
Greater Grapple (+2, Grapple as Move Action)
Improved Natural Attack (Bite attack one size larger)
Improved Unarmed Strike, Mighty (+1dmg, no minus to attack)

Class Bonuses:
Rage 29 rounds/day (4 + Con Mod + 2/lvl in Bear Warrior and Barbarian)
Weapon Focus – Bite (Sibeccai, free)
Weapon Specilization – Bite (Sibeccai, free)
Scent (Sibeccai, Barbarian, Bear Warrior)
Track (Bear Warrior)
Animal Frenzy (+2 Grapple check with Bite – Barbarian)
Roused Anger (May rage while Fatigued)
Fast Movement (Barbarian)
Trap Sense +1 (Barbarian)
Bear Form (Su): Take form of Black or Brown Bear while raging.
~Black Bear – M – +8 STR +2 DEX +4 CON +2 NA
~Brown Bear – L – +16 STR +2 Dex +8 CON +6 NA, Improved Grab

Racial Bonuses:
+1 STR +2 DEX +3 CON -2 INT
Low-light Vision, Darkvision 60’
3 Racial HD
Damage Reduction 10/Magic and Natural Attacks as Magic (Celestial)
+20 Acid, Cold and Electricity Resist (Celestial)
Spell Resistance HD+5 (Celestial)
+2 Level Adjustment

HEAD: FACE: NECK: SHOULDERS: Cloak of Resistance +2
TORSO: +2 Wild Mithril Chain Shirt
WAIST: Belt of Physical Perfection STR/DEX/CON +6

Adamantine Crowbar
Block and Tackle, Fishhook
Portable Ram
Rope (Hemp) 150ft
Dagger (Skinning Knife)
El Oso Iron Food Bowl
Flint and Steel


Quick background for now, more later.

Runt of his litter, Smallest adult Sibeccai in Elysium. At the age of 15 grew tired of the pranks played against him due to his stature and sought out a recluse known as a Shaman that lived far outside of town. The Shaman’s grip on social tact and normalcy had long ago begun to slip. After convincing the shaman to help him, Oso was given a quest that would set him apart from his brethren.

Oso was instructed to take on a bear… With naught but his bare hands. Tackling the bear nearly cost Oso his life. He returned to the Shaman a week later, being unable to travel for days due to the injuries taken during his battle. Oso had felt no change, and was enraged by the Shaman’s deceit. Killing a bear was hard, true, but other hunters had done so, and Oso did not feel this put him apart from anyone except his grandmother. Upon seeing Oso limp towards his cave, the Shaman shrieked and tried to run. Possibly from being deceitful and sending Oso to his doom for bothering him, or because of the wild look Oso had taken on due to a bare handed bear battle, and a week in the woods without a single thought to hygene (along with the raging screams of Oso that could be heard before he was able to be seen). Oso forgot his pain, and his fatigue, and charged. Throwing aside all semblance of civilized manner he grabbed the shaman with his mouth, tossing him to the ground and pinning him without thought. The Shaman was babbling incomprehensibly, at least to Oso, and smelled as if he had wet himself.

Just before sending a flurry of fatal blows to pay this shaman back for his trickery, an unexpected thought crossed Oso’s mind… “Dios mio! Que Caliente!” (Its hot!) Normally a thought as simple as this would hardly give Oso pause. Few thoughts give Oso pause as thoughts can be a rare occurance with the pup as it is. However, it was cold in the shamans cave. Cold enough that the shaman himself was half buried in bear skins and snow rested outside the entrance; no fire burned within. Oso realized he felt heavier too. Not in an encumbered way, but like he was made of stone, with all the strength in the world to move it. He lightened his grip on the Shaman, and lifted a paw into view, only to fall flat on his face; and the Shaman. Now painfully close, he could see his fur had turned black and his body had grown. Before his eyes this change faded, along with his anger. Oso had been a bear, through and through.

Oso looked to the Shaman, who was whimpering and smiling at the same time. “You are the first to come back to me, and the last I will send to danger. No one will ever look down upon you, Alejo, and see a runt. They will see the strength and wild might of El Oso, The Bear!”

El Oso

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