Son of Baldur and Herald of the Ronin Gods


Vamik Skyclimber Thaluthokaegam Has a Truename
Ordained Champion of Baldur
CG Medium Monstrous Humanoid

Male Goliath, 8’3", Wt. 280, Age 22, Blue eyes, no hair. Grey skin with Blue-grey lines asymmetrical around body. Purple runes cross over these bands.

CR: 38 [Cleric 15, Ordained Champion 5, Epic Cleric 2, +1 Wings, +15 Paragon]
22nd Level Cleric (26 for Caster Level, Channeling, Smite; 28 CL for War Domain spells)

Languages: Common, Goliath, Celestial, Infernal, Abyssal, Auran, Ignan, Terran, Goblin, Sign, Norse, Runic
Permanent Spells Arcane Sight, Comprehend Languages, Tongues, See Invisibility, Detect Magic
Speed:x3 90 Base 180 Fly
Initiative +9

HP: 702 [MAX 460 +242 CON]
STR: 41/15 [14 Base +15 Paragon +4 Goliath +8 Magic]
DEX: 29/9 [15 Base +15 Paragon -2 Goliath +1 Level-up]
CON: 33/11 [15 Base +15 Paragon +2 Goliath +1 Level-up]
INT: 31/10 [16 Base +15 Paragon]
WIS: 33/11 [18 Base +15 Paragon]
CHA: 40/15 [18 Base +15 Paragon +3 Level-up +4 Tome]
AC: 73 [10 Base +11 Armor +7 Shield +6 Dex +5 Natural +10 Deflection +12 Luck +12 Insight]
Flat: 67
Touch: 50
Fort: 38 [14 Base +11 CON +3 Resistance +10 Insight]
Ref: 29 [7 Base +9 DEX +3 Resistance +10 Insight]
Will: 38 [14 Base +11 WIS +3 Resistance +10 Insight]
CMB: 57 [17 Base +15 STR +1 Large(Powerful Build) +3 Enhancement +25 Luck]
CMD: 77 [10 + 17 Base +15 STR +9 DEX +1 Large (Powerful Build) +3 Enhancement +25 Luck]

Damage Reduction 10/Epic, Heavy Fortification
Spell Resistance 15
Psionic Resistance 63
Resistance 20 Fire, Acid, Cold, Electricity, Sonic
Fast Healing 20

Skills with ranks:
Craft (Stone): 32 [9 Ranks + 10 INT +3 Trained +10 Competence]
Diplomacy: 50 [22 Ranks +15 CHA +3 Trained +10 Competence]
Fly: 48 [22 Ranks +9 DEX +3 Trained +4 Fly(Good) -1 Armor +10 Competence]
Heal: 46 [22 Ranks +11 WIS +3 Trained +10 Competence]
Know(Religion): 45 [22 Ranks +10 INT +3 Trained +10 Competence]
Know(Planes): 45 [22 Ranks +10 INT +3 Trained +10 Competence]
Perform(Oratory): 37 [9 Ranks +15 CHA +3 Trained +10 Competence]
Spellcraft: 45 [22 Ranks +10 INT +3 Trained +10 Competence]
Granted through Headband:
Perception: 43 [22 Ranks +11 WIS +10 Competence]
S.Motive: 46 [22 Ranks +11 WIS +3 Trained +10 Competence]
Know(Arcane): 45 [22 Ranks +10 INT +3 Trained +10 Competence]
Hammer of Thunderbolts 63/58/53/48 4d6+40 20 x3 Range:30 Returning
Greatsword +5 Holy Mithral Keen Bane(Evil Outsider) 63/58/53/48 2d6+13 17-20 x2 Imitation of the weapon of Baldur
Large Mighty Composite Greatbow (6) +6 57/52/67/62 2d6+12 20 x3 Range: 130

Invulnerable Coat +7 (Chain Shirt, Max Dex 3, Penalty 0, Black Mithral)
Shield of the Sun +5 (Heavy Shield, Penalty 0, Mithral)

Goliath Racial Traits:
+4 STR -2 DEX +2 CON
Monstrous Humanoid
Powerful Build
Mountain Movement (Standing Jumps as running, no penalty for accelerated climbing)
Acclimated to mountain travel and environment
+2 Sense Motive vs. other Goliaths.

Class Abilities:
Good Aura – Channel Positive Energy 12d6 DC 29
Domains: Healing, Good, Bonus:War
Continued Advancement (Turning and Domain)
Modified Spontaneous Casting (Cures for War)
Smite: (as Paladin) Swift Action, Burn Channel
Channel Spell: move to store, cast on hit
Divine Bulwark: Burn spell slot; Swift; gain DR spell lvl/chaotic, lvl rnds
Fist of the Gods: Burn spell slot; Swift; gain spell lvl+1 to damage, lvl rounds
Rapid Spontaneous Casting: War domain spells as Swift
War Caster: 2 CL for War spells
Holy Warrior: Burn channel, 5 rnds WIS as STR
Touch of Good: Standard; 1/2 lvl bonus, sacred, to atk, skill, abil, sv; 1 rnd; 3
Holy Lance: Grant Holy property; 1/2 Level rounds; 5 times/day; no activation time
Healer’s Blessing: Empowered Healing for free
Rebuke Death: Revoked for Bonus Feat
Battle Rage: 1/2 lvl to damage; 1/2 lvl rnds; 3+CHA/Day
Weapon Master: Gain temporary combat feat; Lvl rnds, non-consecutive

Ancient Tradition: Charisma (Bastards and Bloodlines)
Weapon Focus: Greatsword
Selective Channeling
Augmented Healing (+2 Healing per die)
Domain Spontaneity: Healing
Flyby Attack
Practiced Spellcaster +2 (Max 4)
Divine Ward (Touch spells to Close)
Divine Shield (CHA to Shield Bonus lvl/2 Rnds, burns Channel)
Spell Penetration
Craft Wondrous Item
Bonus: Ignore Material Components
Bonus: Diehard
Bonus: Improved Flyby Attack

HEADBAND: Null:Headband of Mental Superiority INT/WIS/CHA +6
NECK: Blood of the Father [Paragon]
SHOULDERS: Starmantle Cloak
BODY: Skin of the Hero (+3 Deflection, Attack, Resistance)
TORSO: Bandolier of Evil Protection and Deathward
HANDS: Iron Gauntlet of War
WAIST: Belt of Physical Might STR/DEX/CON +6
RING: Mark of the Favored
RING: Ring of Deflection +10
Spells: (CL 26)
Level 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
DC 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34
Base 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4
Bonus 0 4 4 4 3 3 3 3 2 2
Domain 0 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
#/Day 8+1 8+1 8+1 7+1 7+1 7+1 7+1 6+1 6+1

The realm of the Asgardian gods was in chaos during the events of Ragnarok. Baldur was the first god to die, heralding the beginning of the end, the remaking of the world. This realm was destroyed before the events could culminate, and Baldur, resurrected through prophecy, managed to escape that realm entirely with the few others fated to survive Ragnarok.

Baldur was now amongst the ranks of Ronin Gods in the Pilairus Elementum, the gods who survived the destruction of their pantheons.

No longer having such dogmatic obligations, the Ronin Gods were among the first to notice the great unravelling that was taking place throughout all the realms. Baldur invested his energy into the crafting of Vamik, a mortal agent to act on behalf of the Ronin Gods. He chose the Goliath race to spawn his creation because they reminded him of the Æsir, the form of most of the Asgardian gods. Baldur wove the Norse fate into Vamik’s upbringing, placing signs to ensure he was aware of special destiny.

Vamik was born Half-Celestial Goliath, a Favored Soul of Baldur. His tribe knew that he had a unique heritage and guided him in prophecy. They were a people who followed the signs, and when Vamik was of a certain age, he went on his own quest to find his nature, and there he found his “Father” Baldur. Whether he was a direct son, or whether Baldur merely had a hand in crafting Vamik’s existence was never stated and Vamik never asked. He devoted himself to the god and was herald of all Ronin Gods working with his Father.

Vamik left his home after being told of the Prophet Numa of the Underdark spire who foretold of the unmaking of reality. Along with this, Vamik was told that the Ronin Gods noticed many children had disappeared from reality. Vamik followed the signs of nature around him and traveled from his high altitude home toward the goblin lands and found that within the city of Rhythm was a mystery of a missing child. Sorrowsworn was a promising child and potential drummer, but a mysterious tutor disappeared with the child. Vamik made his way through the city and held council with the goblin drummers, where they let the primal rhythm take him to a new land. There in the country of Bizantar, he met Sage, Dezaree, and Trill. He would meet other Chosen before sealing off the Prime Material Plane and losing contact with his Father until the End of the World.

After the Chosen sealed the Prime Material plane from the rest of the cosmos, Vamik traveled with Trill, Sage and Dezzare through the Reality Curtain that was formed. Once cut off from his Father, his physical form was no longer Half-Celestial, although he retained his wings. His divine magics were present in the form of a Cleric.


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