The Gift of Anhur

Knowledge Headband


Statistical benefits:

+6 to Intelligence

+5 to all Knowledge skills and checks

Any item that is held, the history is open to you as though you have cast legend lore and identify

Allows free knowledge checks even when in battle

Retains the knowledge of whomever has worn it.


Three fine strands of what looks like granite have been woven together somehow into the shape of a fine circlet. The craftsmanship far surpasses that of a simple circlet worn by someone of high status. Though it may look like just another fine adornment, when it sits upon ones brow that it’s true intentions are revealed. At first it’s like a part of the mind has been opened that has never seen activity. To those that spend their days in pursuit of knowledge know the feeling of the mind being filled with new information. It is almost as if the whole of history and all the information that comes and goes is within grasp.
After the headache has faded, the world is viewed in a different light. More information can be learned than has ever been learned, the mind has been expanded and there is more there to tell and learn. A sword lays on the table before you, and as soon as your hand has given the barest of caresses, images flash through the mind. The fires of the forge are hot on your face as you witness its forging, the shine of its finish reflects the face of the first great warrior that wielded it in battle. Names and places flit through the mind as all the history of the weapon has been laid out before you. You know its name; you can feel the magic that has been hammered into the polished steel.
It is but when you look into your mind for answers to questions that you do not know, and find them told in a voice that is foreign to you that you have discovered the true nature of the circlet. A battle rages on around you, enemies that you have never seen in your life now threaten to take it from you. Then there is a whisper in your mind as the knowledge flashes through your head and somehow you know all there is to know about this creature as if you have fought it for eternity. It is only later when you attempt to find a connection to the knowledge that you know you should not have that you realize the importance of what you have experienced. Whoever wore this unassuming circlet has imparted it with all the knowledge that they possessed. You need not pause in battle, wasting precious seconds to determine the nature of the beast you fight, and when you have the time, you feel that you can access a vast knowledge beyond that of your mind alone.

The gift of knowledge has been passed on to you.

The Gift of Anhur

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