Aegis Inviolable Shield of the Forgotten King


Gevallien Goden

This item of legacy is a heavy steel shield bordered in bronze.
The shield’s dark steel is almost black, its center darker still. That
center (where a personal ensign or standard might normally be
placed) shifts and wavers depending on the angle from which
it is viewed.

Nonlegacy Game Statistics: +’1 heavy steel shield; cost 1,770
gp. You are considered tlevel higher for the purpose of turning
or rebuking undead, though you do not gain this ability if you
do not already have it.

Omens; When a wielder straps the shield to his arm, the holy
symbol of his deity, the standard of his liege or kingdom, or the
emblem of an organization to which he belongs immediately
appears in the center of the shield. The shield resizes to fit any
Small, Medium, or Large wielder.

The Aegis Inviolable

Wielder Level Attack Penalty Hit Point Loss Spell Slot Loss Abilities
5th 1st +1 Light Fortification Heavy Steel Shield
6th 2 Energy Aegis 10
7th 2
8th -1 2nd Holy Vessel
9th 2
10th Protection of the gods
11th 3rd Energy Aegis 20
12th -2 +3 Medium Fortification Heavy Steel Shield
13th 2 4th Still Cast
15th 2
16th 5th Divine Ward

Wielder Requirements

Proficiency with heavy shields.
Base attack bonus +3.
Knowledge (nobility and royalty) or Knowledge (religion) 2 ranks.
The Aegis Inviolable is used primarily by combat-focused divine spell casters with the ability to turn undead.

Legacy Item Abilities

All the following are legacy item abilities of the Aegis Inviolable.
Energy Aegis (Su): Once per day as an immediate action, you can grant yourself energy resistance 10 against a specific type of energy (chosen when you activate this power). The energy resistance last for 1 round. At 11th level, this increase to energy resistance 20.
Holy Vessel (Su): At 8th level, the Aegis Inviolable functions as your holy symbol for the purpose of divine spell-casting, turning undead, or any other use for which you would normally require a holy sumbol. In addition, you gain the benefit of the Eschew Materials feat for any divine spell you cast.
Protection of the Gods (Su): At 10th level, the Aegis Inviolable grants you the benefit of the shield of faith or shield other spell (your choice) as a swift action once per day. Caster level equals your Hit Dice.
Still Cast (Su): At 13th level, you can apply the Still Spell feat to any spell you cast of 6th level or lower, us to three times per day. Use of this ability does not change the spell slot of the altered spell.
Divine Ward (Su): At 16th level, you gain the benefit of death ward, but only against the first two attacks of the appropriate sort per day.



In the early days of St. Cuthbert’s faith, a young priest named
Seamus took temporary leave of his duties to travel back to
his homeland and attend his sister’s funeral. When he finally
returned months later, he was horrified to find his church burned
to the foundations, the bodies of his fellow priests within. No
religious icon or holy scriprure escaped the fire-except for a
shield the high priest had used in his ill-fated defense of the
Though he had no notion of who was responsible, Seamus was
determined to exact vengeance. At that time, the larger churches
considered St. Cuthbert an upstart whose faithful were little
more than a mob of pretenders. Seamus chose to start his quest
with them. (DC 15)
The young priest expected to find enemies among the other
churches of the region; instead, he found more victims. From
the dwarven temple of Moradin to the holy cathedral of Pelor to
the fortress bastion of Hextor, Seamus discovered smoldering
ruin after smoldering ruin. For years he traveled, until the
number of fallen churches he encountered could not easily be
On the way, Seamus gathered allies in the form of other sur-
vivors of the attacks, including Surra Soulhammer, high priest
of Moradin, and Rotheul, champion of Hextor. With others like
themselves, these former enemies worked together to expose
what could only be construed as an attack on faith itself. As a
symbol of their united purpose (and in memory of the last stand
Seamus’s high priest had made), they crafted the Aegis Inviolable, a
magic shield to be wielded by Their greatest champion once their
enemy was found. (DC 20; The Enemy ofMy Enemy)
In the end, the tale ofSeamus and his allies was one of tragic failure. The wandering priests eventually located their enemy:
The Covenant of Ur. This cult was one of the earliest known
assemblages of ur-priests- practitioners of divine magic not
granted by the gods but stolen from them. The wandering
priests confronted the covenant. Though they managed to exact a measure of vengeance for their
respective orders, all of them fell
before the end.
The Covenant of Ur was eventually destroyed by an order of paladins,
though rumors persist that the cult continues to this day. The Aegis
Inviolable was taken from the ur-priests by
one of the paladins, where it passed through his family line unlil ending
up in the hands of his direct descendant: Sir Colryn, advisor and friend
to the forgotten king. (DC 25; An Ancient Evil)

Legacy Rituals

Two ritual are required to unlock all the abilities of the Aegis Inviolable.
The Enemy of My Enemy: You must ally yourself with an enemy to defeat a common threat. This new ally must be a political or religious rival, or someone you have personally come into conflict with in the past. The enemy you defeat must be of a CR equal to or greater that 1 + either your oen effective character level or your new ally’s whichever is higher. Cost: 2,000 gp. Feat Granted: Least Legacy (Aegis Inviolable)
An Ancient Evil: You must confront and defeat a creature directly responsible (or belonging to an organization responsible) for a great evil that occured at least one hundred years ago. This evil can take any form, from wide-ranging atrocities to a specific crime against your own church or kingdom. In either case, the individual must be aware of the reason for your grudge, and must be of a CR equal to or greater than 2+ your effective character level. Cost: 14,000 gp. Feat Granted: Lesser Legacy (Aegis Inviolable).

Aegis Inviolable Shield of the Forgotten King

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