The Omniscient Predator

All Seeing EYE


Statistical benefits:

Grants 360 degree vision; cannot be flat footed or flanked

Unaffected by blindness, -4 to Gaze effects

Effects of True Seeing/Tremorsense/Scent/Superior Blindsight (can discern color and writing)

Free perception checks, even when sleeping

+10 insight bonus to search/spot/listen (Survival while tracking)

Can impart skill ranks in perception skills to creature touched for a limited time

+6 Wisdom +4 Intelligence

Foresight at will by item’s will only

Insight bonus to AC and Reflex saves

Alertness Feat

Grants effects in any shape, size or form


The blindfold looks like a simple dirty white cloth with tattered ends. The thick band is merely a strip just wide enough to cover the eyes. Golden weave traces the long edges of the band and outlines placement of the two eyes on the inside with iris and pupil also displayed on the outside of the blindfold. When put in place, the knot seems to form on its own, never slipping or needing adjustment, as comfortable as wearing one’s own skin.

When worn for the first time the darkness one would expect melts away in a storm of sensation. The eyes and ears, nose and feet are bombarded with images and sounds: the feeling of everything on and beneath the earth, the keen nose of a wolf, sight and sound of everything around in all directions as far as the eyes would normally take the wearer but clearer and sharper than ever possible. The rush of senses can be overwhelming at first, but if worn for a full day the wearer adjusts normally.

Given enough time, the wearer may realize the blindfold may be intelligent. The blindfold never speaks to the wearer, but the wearer is never surprised, even when sleeping, and is alert of everything at all angles. It’s as if the blindfold is consciously granting extra sensory information to the wearer sometimes before it happens. This information has sometimes been about another that the wearer travels with.

The wearer may also impart some of his own sensory information and skills to another for a limited time, including a limited level of foresight.

The wearer suffers no penalties for any type of vision requirement and is not fooled by concealment or illusions of any kind, provided that the wearer has line of sight with any of his sensory abilities for this to be true. Because the wearer does not use his own eyes to see, he cannot be blinded but is more susceptible to gaze attacks. Because the blindfold can sense at 360 degrees, the wearer is never flatfooted and does not suffer the penalties for being flanked.

The Omniscient Predator

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