Rituals and Spells

Cleansing of the Souls

Removes fiendish influence from all creatures of a given type

Level: True Ritual – Clr 10 (Quest)

Components: V, S, M, DF, XP

Casters Required: 3

Proxy: Yes; caster (any) of level equivalent to that of primary caster + 2 clerics of at least 10th level / substitution

Casting Time: 1 day

Range: Long (400 ft. + 40 ft./level)

Target: All living creatures of one race within spell effect

Duration: Permanent

Saving Throw: None

Spell Resistance: No


This ritual must be initiated at sunrise and terminated at sunrise the following day. The casters gather in a circle, hands all touching a large jade statue, with the main caster remaining separate to direct the ritual itself. An apparent increase in temperature accompanies the beginning of this ritual, followed by a profound dry heat as the taint of the Lower Planes floods past the casters to concentrate in the statue. The statue, by contrast, quickly becomes cold, cold enough to numb the hands of the surrounding casters. These effects become more pronounced as the ritual continues. Finally, as the sun rises above the horizon, the influx of energy ceases, and an explosion of the senses ripples outwards from the site of the ritual. All the casters feel as though a great burden has just been lifted. The sun shines more brightly, shadows dance more gracefully, and flowers bloom more fragrantly.

Spell Effect:

This ritual strips evil influence from all living members of a race within the ritual’s area of effect. The race must be specified before the beginning of the ritual. All spells or spell-like effects from a fiendish source which are currently in effect on members of the specified race immediately cease upon completion of the ritual. Furthermore, any supernatural compulsions towards evil are lifted from those affected. Any spells, spell-like abilities, or supernatural abilities granted by a fiendish source (such as the spell-like abilities of a half-fiend or the spell-like and supernatural abilities of a warlock granted his powers from a fiendish patron) are stripped from the targeted individuals permanently. If granted physical enhancements (such as attribute enhancements or wings) from fiendish ancestry, these enhancements slowly go into recession, disappearing entirely over the course of a year. All offspring of the formerly afflicted members of this race will be as normal individuals of the race in question. Once completed, the effects of this ritual are irreversible.

Material Components: Items totaling 100,000 gp in value, as well as a crafted piece of jade of value not less than 100,000 gp.

XP Cost: 10,000 XP Special Conditions: At least one representative of the race in question must participate in the ritual

The first known version of this ritual, as recorded at the Temple of Anheur in the City of Byzantar, was researched and produced by Illaria Silverscape at the insistence of her companion, The Warlock Balmogrin. Drawing upon her knowledge of architecture, Illaria supervised the construction of a great shrine on a remote island in an unknown location on the Disk. Consulting with her sister Alexia, a druid of considerable power, Illaria constructed the temple to draw upon the energies of the sun, earth and seas, and dedicated it to a sun god whose name has now been nearly lost to history. A secret room served as the geomantic heart of the complex, acting as a focal point for the collected energies of the shrine. Within this shrine, three separate figures – one an ogre, one an ogre-mage, and one an irda (believed to be the progenitors of the current ogre race) – stood in a circle, crafted out of gold, platinum, and one unusual metal which was described by Illaria as “godsteel”. These figures held aloft jade symbols of Bahamut, Ilmatar, and Pelor, which, in turn, represented glory, redemption, and rebirth. These jade symbols served as a receptacle for the taint which the temple was meant to draw away. In a smaller shrine abutting this room, a consecrated pool of mercury, inset in blue and black marble, awaited to receive the symbols once their purpose had been completed, cleansing the holy symbols of their long-accumulated taint and quenching its evil. Due to the intense geomantic correspondences of the temple, the area of effect of the ritual was greatly magnified, expanding its influence to (it is believed) the farthest reaches of the Disk.

Rituals and Spells

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