Time Line

  1. The Nothing
    1. prime mover “Atropus” makes his sacrafice giving birth to Ragnorra
    2. consciousness of Satan and Pandorym exist.
  2. The primeval depths
    1. Rangnorra gives birth to pure primordial chaos, chaos gods and titans form and destroy themselves.
    2. The Leviathan is formed. Abolith are formed. Other chaos horrors may have formed.
    3. Aspects of law and Dragon spontaneously form from the chaos pryoclazum and The Cosmic Serpents are born, maybe from Ragnorra herself.
    4. More aspects of law are formed by the Cosmic Serpents: lawful Titans form and chaos Titans begin to persist.
    5. Far relms
  3. Before Time
    1. Pandorym shuns that which is, curses Satan, and leaves existence to the void.
    2. Satan corrupts the Cosmic Serpent Ahriman creating evil. Ahrimans twin, Jazirian, begins to resist Ahriman and becomes good.
    3. The Serpents form planes
    4. Chaos wars with Law, The Cosmic Serpents Become the champions of Law.
    5. Chaos creates infinite change to win the war. Law creates inevitability winning the last conflict.
    6. Infinite change and inevitability form time.
  4. The Age of Time
    1. Time is slow to start
    2. Blood from Ahrimans falls to create Baatorians when the two serpents rebel against each other over good and evil.
    3. Satan Fled the wounded Ahrimans now that he was strong enough to form his own body. Satan began corrupting Zargon and Sertorus manipulating them into creating Hell and the Abyss.
    4. The planes begin to be populated with those which were first created either by Ragnorra or her pryoclazum of chaos birth. The gods are still fighting for survival and have just began to create other life forms.
      ## The leshay form kingdoms
      ## The elementals form kingdoms
      ## The Wind Dukes form kingdoms

All living mortal races and cultures have some explanation for their existence, some story or myth to describe the creation of the world and the birth of the ancestors. Since it is a rare case when two myths are identical, scholars of the subject sift through the rhetoric for commonalities believed to be present in all legends. Complications arise due to regional variations, translation errors, and the simple scarcity of reliable sources, all making the process of divining the roots of creation a daunting task. Certain scholars have made breakthroughs by comparing dwarf creation myths, the oral tradition of the gray elves, and the collected writings of the lich Acererak, recovered from a strange tower deep in the Plane of Shadow. The findings have been disturbing, pointing to some primeval ending, leading to the creation of something called the World Born Dead. (Knowledge [religion] DC 33) According to the writings, creation was the result of a “prime mover.” This being’s identity varies with the particular story. Most scholars agree this entity must be the force behind the very start of existence connected to the creation of the primeval pryoclazum. This force, idea, or being is now what we call Atropus although we know not what it was before. (DC 38) Some theologians believe the appearance of this pre-divine agency came with a dreadful price. In order for it to take shape, there must have been a sacrifice: For life to exist, there must be death. The “prime mover” must have died and in that sense also birthed Atropus with Ragnorra becoming the afterbirth and corrupted placenta of creation, the wasted materials left over from the formation of these two Elder Entities. Furthermore, since the gods and Ragnorra are living beings, and since life relies upon energy gained from the Positive Energy Plane, Atropus must be their inversion: death incarnate, drawing and actually consuming the Negative Energy Plane. Ragnorra inversely being a source of entropy for the positive energy plane. (DC 43) Little remains of the prime mover that made the supreme sacrifice,nothing more than a decaying, disembodied head, leaving in its wake cast-off necromantic detritus that floats through the void. Perhaps atropals—the stillborn gods (ELH 159)—take their shape from these cast-off bits. Atropus is bound to unmake living things, to absorb their souls in an orgy of violence. Its touch is terrifying to witness, as countless barren worlds crawling with restless dead mutely testify. (DC 48)

Early History of Baator

Zargon had ruled the Nine Hells of Baator as father of the ancient baatorians. His kingdom was a terrifying place, filled with running slime and rampant evil. When Asmodeus and his allies seized the Nine Hells from Satan, they purged the plane of the baatorians, enslaving them and destroying their lords. Asmodeus butchered most himself, but Zargon was resilient to the worst attacks. Asmodeus discovered he could kill the flesh of the beast, but not the horn, so he tore it from Zargon’s head and flung the hateful spur out of the hells and to the Material Plane, where it pierced deep into the earth.

Early History of The Abyss

The elemental races established vast multiplanar empires long before the first priest offered prayers from a crude stone altar. And in the roiling deep of the Abyss, demons had already conquered entire planes before the advent of intelligent life on the Material Plane. Most powerful among these ancient demons were the obyrith lords. Led by the Queen of Chaos, the obyriths waged murder against the elemental Wind Dukes of Aaqa. Those who refused to join the Queen were punished and imprisoned. Obox-ob, then the Prince of Demons, withstood her call. In a great war, the Queen defeated Obox-ob and crowned her consort, Miska the Wolf Spider, the new Prince of Demons. Yet when the Queen’s legions were defeated on the Fields of Pesh, it was ironically the obyrith lords she had cast out or imprisoned who survived. (Knowledge [history] or [the planes] DC 30)

One such obyrith lord was Sertrous, a minor demon lord associated at the time with parasites and crawling things. Ever rebellious, due in part to satanic influence, Sertrous slew every demon that came to his Abyssal lair to recruit him to the Queen’s cause. He had little defense against the Queen herself, who quickly grew tired of his insubordination, destroyed his body, and cast his essence into the gulf between planes as one might cast aside a carcass. Yet this did not spell Sertrous’s doom. As his essence passed through the Material Plane, Sertrous made a desperate grab at an anchor to prevent his passage into the void beyond. All he found was a lowly serpent, wallowing in the mire of a primeval fen. (DC 35)

The collected writings of the lich Acererak: Acerarak was a malformed worshiper of Ragnorra that wrote of the Nothing

Time Line

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